Living With Chronic Arthritis In Your Ankle? Why You Should Have Total Ankle Replacement Surgery

Debilitating ankle pain can severely diminish your quality of life. Activities that used to be so simple could become almost unbearable because your ankles can no longer bear your weight. The swelling may happen at all the wrong times, and the discomfort can get so intense that you try to do anything possible to avoid it. You need a solution immediately and want to know about your options. Having total ankle replacement surgery could open the door to a new life that is full of the kind of pleasure you haven't enjoyed in a very long time. Read More 

Why To Seek Podiatry Care At Your Local Podiatry Clinic

When you think about it, your feet are subject to a lot of physical work that keeps you moving around every day of your life. Your feet control your movement. If you're not rewarding them for carrying you around with good foot care at home and wearing appropriate shoes, you could be destined for troubling foot problems in the future. It's a good idea to have the name of a licensed podiatrist on file who works in a local podiatry clinic even if you have no current foot ailments. Read More