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Why To Seek Podiatry Care At Your Local Podiatry Clinic

When you think about it, your feet are subject to a lot of physical work that keeps you moving around every day of your life. Your feet control your movement. If you're not rewarding them for carrying you around with good foot care at home and wearing appropriate shoes, you could be destined for troubling foot problems in the future. It's a good idea to have the name of a licensed podiatrist on file who works in a local podiatry clinic even if you have no current foot ailments.

Soaking And Moisturizing Is Not Enough Foot Care

You may say that you already soak and moisturize your feet to peel back layers. That's not good enough, especially when you're not wearing proper fitting shoes. Improperly fitting shoes cause you to develop foot problems such as calluses and corns. These two foot conditions can cause excruciating pain if you don't receive early care when symptoms start appearing on the soles of your feet. Early symptoms include tiny hard bumps and hardened skin layers that expand with time into painful corns and calluses.

Wear Walking Sneakers

If you exercise by running laps on a walking track that features gravel, wear comfortable walking sneakers. The small- and medium-size stone pebbles on the track can cause pain in the soles of your feet. They can cause the upper area of the underside of your feet to turn red and cause difficulty walking. Hardened tissue growth will pop up regularly. The hardened skin on the soles of your feet will continue to thicken and become more painful each day without podiatry care intervention. 

How You Can Avoid Corn Growth

You can avoid developing corn growth by not wearing tight shoes. Tight shoes crowd your toes and make them rub against one another. Corns appear on your toes and consist of various layers. Soaking and moisturizing cannot get rid of this corn condition since the hardened skin is not supple. See your podiatrist and learn whether you'll have to undergo surgical removal of the corns.


Calluses, on the other hand, materialize from constant pressure. If you wear the wrong size of shoes, this could create the growth of calluses. The condition becomes intolerable when calluses make it difficult for you to walk due to excruciating pain. The good thing is that calluses are dead tissue, so when dead tissues are removed by your podiatrist, the site of the removal reveals new skin growth.

For more information about proper foot care, speak to a specialist in a podiatry clinic near you.

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