Diabetic Foot Care You Should Be Aware Of

Diabetes can take its toll on a lot of different parts of the body. It can affect the kidneys, the eyes, the liver, and even your feet. If your feet are not taken care of well enough, you could end up with an infection of the foot and it could end up in amputation if you aren't careful. Your feet need to be taken care of, just as you would the rest of your body if you are a diabetic. Some may not be aware of the care that needs to be taken with your feet if you are a diabetic. Read on for some information to help you take better care of your feet.

Clip Your Nails Carefully

You need to clip your nails carefully and do so straight across rather than at an angle to prevent ingrown toenails. You should also be sure to clip your nails with clean nail clippers that you do not share with anyone else to prevent spreading germs. You should also not go to a nail salon to have your nails clipped to prevent injury to your nails and your toes and to prevent the spread of germs, which can result in an infection.

Protect Your Feet

You should protect your feet to prevent injury. Injuries to your feet can be difficult to heal for a diabetic and may lead to infection along the way. You need to protect your feet from injury by wearing close-toed shoes to prevent stubbing your toes. You should also be sure to be mindful of your feet when you need to go with an open-toed shoe. If you do end up with an injury, even a minor one, you need to pay close attention to the injury and monitor it to see if it worsens at all. If your injury does worsen, you need to make an appointment with a podiatrist to have the injury treated properly.

Treat Injuries Properly

Be sure your injuries are monitored properly and that you have them treated by the podiatrist. Your injuries can worsen if you aren't careful with them, so keep your feet clean and dry, and the injury gets air to help it dry out, as moisture can lead to infections. The injury needs to be kept covered when out and about to prevent germs and bacteria from getting into the wound.

If you are a diabetic, you need to pay attention to your feet and care for them properly in order to prevent issues. Talk to your podiatrist about any injuries to your feet and about other diabetic foot care you need to be aware of.