Can Custom Foot Orthotics Keep Discomfort Away?

If your feet become sore or uncomfortably achy after you walk, ride a bike, or jog, wear custom foot orthotics. Daily activities, such as walking and running, can aggravate the tissues in your feet. Orthotics support your feet so that they remain comfortable before and after your activity. Learn more about foot discomfort and how foot orthotics ease it below.

Why Do Your Feet Become Sore During Activities?

A number of conditions can make your feet feel achy, sore, or uncomfortable during the day, including plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, and calluses. The tendons in your feet can also become inflamed over time. Walking, running, or simply standing can aggravate your condition and cause discomfort or soreness in your feet. 

If your regular doctor previously diagnosed you with foot problems, you may already receive some type of treatment for them. However, traditional medicine may not keep your discomfort at bay when you engage in activities. The medicine may wear off quickly, or the treatments may only address a few of your issues.

Visit a podiatrist and ask them about custom foot orthotics.

How Do Foot Orthotics Help You?

Foot orthotics remedy or address multiple foot problems, including inflammation, muscle pain, and skin infections. But to ensure your orthotics fit your feet perfectly, a podiatrist will perform a detailed exam on your feet. If possible, go ahead and have your regular doctor send a copy of your patient treatment file to a podiatrist. A podiatrist can use the information in your patient file to design the right orthotics for your feet. 

After a podiatrist determines the cause of your foot discomfort, they'll take individual measurements of your feet. The measurements help determine the size, height, and length of your orthotics. If one of your feet is larger, longer, or thicker than the other foot, it may be the reason for your discomfort. A podiatrist can design orthotics that balance or even out both of your feet.

The arches in your feet may also be different or compromised by health issues. For instance, some types of foot conditions can weaken your arches. One arch may be slightly lower or flatter than the other arch. A podiatrist can make orthotics that raise or lift the arches of your feet. 

A foot doctor can also design and make orthotics to fit your footwear. If you experience significant discomfort in your feet when you run, a doctor can make orthotics that support the balls and heels of your feet. 

Learn more about foot orthotics by visiting a podiatry clinic such as Advanced Foot Clinic.