How To Manage Pain And Toe Misalignment When You Have A Bunion

If you have a painful bump at the base of your big toe, you might have a bunion. A bunion is a common foot disorder that occurs when the joint in your big toe moves out of place. A common cause of a bunion is an abnormal gait, and wearing high heels can contribute to the problem. Bunions usually get worse progressively, so treating them early might slow the progression down and manage pain. Read More 

Heel Spurs 101: Your Questions Answered

When you look at the structure of the foot, it is easy to see that the heel supports a lot of the heft of your body as you move around. Because that is the case, problems with the heel of your foot can leave you almost immobile or in pretty severe pain. Heel spurs are just one problem you can heave with your heel, but they are not an issue to be taken lightly. Read More 

Treating Athlete’s Foot: What You Can Do

Athlete's foot is something that can affect anyone - not just athletes. It's a burning and itching feeling in your feet that can cause the skin on your feet to peel or flake. Your feet may feel tight and swollen if you have athlete's foot. The good news is you can treat athlete's foot and prevent it. Read on for tips to help you treat athlete's foot at home. Clean Your Feet Read More 

3 Common Reasons For Pain In Your Big Toe

Pain in the big toe is a common problem and is often easy to treat by making changes in your footwear and the way you care for your feet. In some cases, the underlying cause may be a chronic disease that requires medical intervention. Poorly Fitting Shoes Probably the most common reason people experience pain in the big toe is their shoes. Tight shoes or ones with a narrow toe box can place unnecessary pressure on your big and pinky toes. Read More 

Preventing Ingrown Toenails In Your Infant

Ingrown toenails are something that plagues adults. It can affect children too, and it can even happen to babies as well. Your infant can get an ingrown toenail, which can lead to an infection of the toe if not taken care of. An ingrown toenail is when the nail embeds itself into the skin, causing pain or infection. An ingrown toenail is painful for an adult, so imagine if your infant has an ingrown toenail. Read More