Living With Chronic Arthritis In Your Ankle? Why You Should Have Total Ankle Replacement Surgery

Debilitating ankle pain can severely diminish your quality of life. Activities that used to be so simple could become almost unbearable because your ankles can no longer bear your weight. The swelling may happen at all the wrong times, and the discomfort can get so intense that you try to do anything possible to avoid it. You need a solution immediately and want to know about your options. Having total ankle replacement surgery could open the door to a new life that is full of the kind of pleasure you haven't enjoyed in a very long time.

Regain Some Of The Motion You Lost

One of the biggest reasons why arthritis of the ankle is so frustrating is because it gradually reduces your motion. Walking can become tough, and running or playing with children or grandchildren could be completely out of the question. You long for the days when you could get around without assistance and want to bring them back again. Total ankle replacement surgery may be able to help.

Some people who have arthritis in their ankle opt to have ankle fusion surgery. The ankle fusion procedure does just what the name implies:  It fuses the bones of the ankle into a single unit. The aim is to reduce pain but the procedure does little to address motion. You might not experience the nagging discomfort anymore but any hope of ever being able to use your ankles in a normal way is all but lost.

Total ankle replacement surgery aims to address both the pain and motion factors. During ankle replacement surgery, an artificial joint is inserted between the ankle bones. The artificial joint is designed to simulate the action of a healthy ankle. The goal of the surgery is to allow you to enjoy less pain and to hopefully help you regain some of the motion that you lost.

The Satisfaction Levels Say It All

If you're thinking about undergoing a certain procedure, you're probably very interested to find out if other people have been pleased with it. Total ankle replacement has a very good rating, with just over 70 percent of patients saying they were satisfied with the results. 

The life that you want could be just around the corner. Talk with a podiatrist so that you can ask any questions that you may have and find out more about a procedure that could change everything for you.