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Treating Athlete's Foot: What You Can Do

Athlete's foot is something that can affect anyone - not just athletes. It's a burning and itching feeling in your feet that can cause the skin on your feet to peel or flake. Your feet may feel tight and swollen if you have athlete's foot. The good news is you can treat athlete's foot and prevent it. Read on for tips to help you treat athlete's foot at home.

Clean Your Feet

Clean your feet thoroughly with soap and water making sure to get in between your toes where bacteria and fungus can be hiding. After cleaning your feet, you need to dry them thoroughly, again making sure you get in between your toes. Make sure you clean your feet each time you shower or bathe and clean your feet before bed if you've had sweaty feet throughout the day.

Keep Feet Dry

Again, make sure you dry your feet after bathing, but you also need to make sure your feet stay dry throughout the day. If you have sweaty feet, you may need to change your socks a couple of times during the day or find breathable socks so your feet don't sweat as much. Wear shoes that are breathable as well.

Cover Your Feet

Wearing flip flops and sandals is a no-no when you have athlete's foot. Your feet may actually get worse as your feet are exposed to more bacteria and fungus. Wear shoes that cover your feet, no sandals until you can clear up your athlete's foot fungus.

Use An Anti-Fungal Spray Or Lotion

Spray your feet with an anti-fungal spray after bathing to help kill bacteria. An anti-fungal lotion such as Lotrimin can also help kill bacteria and fungus as well. Spray your shoes with an anti-fungal spray to kill any bacteria in your shoes and wash your socks in hot water to kill bacteria that may be hiding in the fibers of your socks. 

Wear Shower Shoes

If you use the shower at the gym, make sure to wear shower shoes as public showers can be harboring all types of bacteria and fungus. Use the shower shoes as only shower shoes, they shouldn't be worn anywhere else or used as your daily shoes.

Make An Appointment With The Podiatrist

If you aren't able to get rid of your athlete's foot and the burning feeling just isn't going away, you should see a podiatrist for help getting rid of it. A podiatrist may prescribe a stronger anti-fungal lotion for you to use and give you helpful tips to prevent the athlete's foot from returning.

Athlete's foot should not be ignored. Get rid of athlete's foot and take good care of your feet to prevent it from returning. For more information, visit a website like

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Treating Athlete's Foot: What You Can Do

Athlete's foot is something that can affect anyone - not just athletes. It's a burning and itching feeling in your …

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